Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration!


Very few girls in this world grow up dreaming of having their bridesmaids in mustard yellow on their wedding day... believe me folks, I wasn't one of those girls either! It was going to be purple or peach for as long as I can remember, but in the last two years mustard tops the list & so mustard it is. 

I am allowing each "maid" to pick her own dress from any store she likes as long as it fits these requirements:
// mustard colored (each received a swatch of fabric to compare) // not too long & not too short // summery // uniquely their own style // casual (not formal in any way shape or form)

Most all of them have bought dresses & I have to say they are coming together quite nicely. For a girl who likes organization and things to be decided in clear-cut fashion, it's been quite agonizing to wait and see and wonder how they will all pull together. Luckily, I have trustworthy bridesmaids and the final say in the whole matter so there's really nothing to worry about ;) 

What color were your bridesmaid dresses? I would love to hear unique bridesmaid dress color ideas from you...


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