Bucket List

Here are some items that we would like to accomplish {God willing} in our lives:

·                Be a stay at home mom
·                Kill a deer (November 2011)
·                Pass the CPA exam
·                Kill a turkey (April 2012)
·                Take surf lessons (Hawaii, 2014)
·                Be a bridesmaid  (Summer 2012)
·                Host murder mystery party (August 2014)
·                Catch a muskie {read about it here!} (July 2013)
·                Sleep on the beach
·                Go to Time's Square on New Year's Eve
·                Make a cake Cakeboss style
·                Attend the Ellen Show 
·                Swim with the dolphins (Florida Keys, 2012)
·                Visit all 50 States
·                Live on a lake
·                Catch a tarpon/shark
·                Wear a large hat to the Kentucky Derby, or any horse race for that matter
·                Run a 5k
·                Make the "popular" page on Pinterest  {this pin!} (Fall 2012)
·                Meet & get a picture taken with Taylor Swift
·                Start my own business
·                Be featured in a magazine
·                Be featured on the TODAY show
·                Learn to whistle

·                Hunt all 50 States
·                Get a turkey grand slam (all 4 species in 1 season)
·                Catch a state record fish 
·                Catch a muskie over 50 inches (August 2010 - 56 inches)
·                Kill a bear with my bow
·                Go fishing in Alaska
·                Go skydiving
·                Buy a Ranger boat

·                Travel to the Amazon, Australia, Ireland, Hawaii, Alaska, Paris, Washington D.C., Nashville, NYC...
·                Go on a Moose hunt
·                Go on a cruise
·                Build a cabin on Lake Vermilion 
·                Have our very own swimming pool
·                Attend the CMA/CMT awards
·                Stay in an ice hotel
·                Sponsor a child in Africa
·                Take dance lessons (Fall 2012)
·                Get engaged {watch the video here!} (April 17, 2013)
·                Get married
·                Go on an African Safari Hunt
·                Hunt Elk 
·                Go on a missions trip 

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